Christopher Guy "Hide and Seek"


Christopher Guy Chicago has the largest in stock inventory in America. A vast collection of mirrors, upholstery, case goods, lighting, and decorative accessories, Christopher Guy's creations adorn the world's finest residences, five star hotels & luxury resorts, Hollywood film sets and retail establishments.


Production: Underscore @underscorefilms

Client: Christopher Guy @christopherguyofficial


Director: Rick Wayne @rick_wayne

Producer: Lindsey Sikula @lsikula

Director of Photography: Daniel Rosenberg @cinesight

Assistant Director: Sarah Prinz @sarahcprinz

Editor: Rick Wayne @rick_wayne

Hair and Makeup: Angie Chavez @maycupgirl

PA: Nicholas Peters @buttervizion

PA: Josh Brenner @joshua_ryan_brenner


Lead Female: Michelle Hicks @michellcatherine

Lead Male: John Michael McGrew @johnmichaelmcgrew